April 17, 2014
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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year!
The partnership between parents and teachers is a key component in the success of Leon County Schools.  We are fortunate to have talented and innovative principals, teachers and support staff, coupled with a strong commitment from parents, citizens and business partners. These key members of our team combine their efforts to ensure a quality education for our students.

The LCS Parent Portal is one tool to achieve this success.  The Portal is provided to support your role as a parent and encourage and facilitate involvement in your child’s education.  From the Portal, you can access your child’s school schedule, grades, assignments, and communicate with his or her teachers.  It is your connection to what happens in the classroom.

With all of us working together – students, parents, staff and community – we can continue to reach new heights and create a model education system for the rest of the country.  Thank you for your support.

Jackie Pons
Superintendent of Schools

Leon County Schools

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