April 23, 2014
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Parent Instructions for using the Parent Portal

Parent Portal First Time User Instructions

Your first time, and only your first time, it is necessary that you activate your parent portal account.  It is also necessary that you add your children to your account.

 To do this:

  1. Use any Internet connected computer, go to https://ParentPortal.leon.k12.fl.us
  2. Sign in by typing in your USER NAME and the PASSWORD from the letter you received from your child’s school.   Click  Login

    Log in to the Parent Portal
  3. First time users will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions which address your accepting responsibility for exercising care with your password, and for keeping the information you access confidential.  Once you accept you will not see this screen when you sign on again.       
  4. Select My Children

  5. After Reading carefully the directions on the page select Add New Child

    Add New Child screenshot
  6. Using the information that you received in the letter that you received by mail from your students school enter the following information only:   • The student user ID a 9 digit number   • The PIN number from the letter   • The students date of birth enter as xx/xx/xxxx

    My Child screenshot
  7. Select Add to complete the process. If you have additional students in your family that attend a Parent Portal participating school you can repeat this process of Adding My Children and have these available for you to access the student information in one Parent Portal.
  8. To view the Grades and Assignments select from Upper Menu bar

    Grades and Assignments screenshot
  9. To view Grades and Assignments, select click on the student’s first name, this will show the students class schedule and the grades for the classes scheduled to date.

    Grades and Assignemnts page screenshot
  10. Select the class that you want to view for the assignments.

    Assignments screen shot.
  11. The assignments are now visible.

    Assignments screen shot.
  12. For Additional help or information please use the Help links from the Home Page Select Parent Resources.

    Parent Resources screen shot.




:: Instructions» Parent Instructions
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